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Apcalis oral Jelly is the latest version of the Apcalis Pills.Apcalis Oral Jelly is the most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction when compared to the other variants that are available in the market

Apcalis and Apcalis oral Jelly both are generic forms of Cialis which is an ED correctional drug.The main ingredient in the apcalis oral jelly is same as the apcalis pill which is tadalfil.

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Name : Apcalis Jelly
Manufacture By : Ajanta Pharmaceuticals
Brand Equivalent : Tadalafil Jelly
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The distinction between the pill and the oral jelly is that the jelly can be placed in the mouth and is much easier to consume when compared with the pills.Apacalis oral jelly has transformed the process of treating erectile dysfunction making it free from the hassles of swallowing pills. The only question remains is Where to Buy Apcalis Jelly, the answer is pretty simple you can buy Apcalis Jelly online right here.As apcalis jelly is a precribed drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is advised to consult your doctor.

PDE5 enzyme causes erectile dysfunction, Apcalis Jelly 100mg drug belonging to the class of PDE5 inhibitors subsides the PDE5 enzyme which is present in the blood and also helps the release of the the cGMP enzyme which is responsible for the process of getting an erection.

When the man is sexually excited or aroused it pushes the blood towards the penile region so he can achieve a strong and firm erection. PDE5 prohibits the flow of the blood hence the drug replaces it with the cGMP enzyme which promotes such blood flow towards the penis.

The drug also dilates the arteries in that region further facilitating flow of blood and thus treating the erectile dysfunction. The working of the oral jelly is same as the pill, but the oral jelly has an edge over the pills as they are in a gel form and extremely easy to consume. The simplest way treat erectile dysfunction is to purchase Apcalis Jelly online and consume it as prescirbed by the doctor.

The variants of Apcalis jelly are Apcalis Jelly 100mg, 50mg and 20mg. Doctors advise the men suffering from erectile dysfunction to start with a dosage of Apcalis jelly 20mg, but it can be increased according the effects of the drug. It is advised to take the drug on an empty stomach for better and faster results. The jelly is to be consumed 45 minutes before intercourse,it can be directly be placed in the mouth and swallowed there is no need of water for consumption of the drug. The drug has a long lasting effect which about 36 hours and hence only one sachet of the jelly is to be consumed in the duration of of 36 hours. Having more than one sachet in the prescribed time should be strictly avoided. The storage of the sachets should at room temperature, it is important to store them under correct conditions as the efficiency of the drug depends on it. The drug should not be refrigerated. The sachets should be kept away from any kind of heat light and moisture.

Apcalis Jelly like all the other medications may have some common side effects on the body, they generally last for a short time, but in case they last for a prolonged time a doctor is to be consulted.The minor side effects are running nose, headache, nasal congestion, nausea, or any time of the muscle pain or joint pain. There may be major side effects if the drug is consumed as prescribed which are hypertension, chest pains, stroke, trouble in breathing, hearing loss, changes in vision one should seek immediate medical attention.

Buy Apcalis oral jelly but before you do so be well informed about the precautions to be taken before using Apcalis oral jelly or higher dosages.

  1. Instances when one is suffering from heart diseases, kidney problems, hypertension, diabetes or hypotension it is advised not consume Apcalis jelly 100mg or the other variants.
  2. Do not buy Apcalis Jelly if allergic to tadalfil as it the main ingredient that is present in the jelly.
  3. Apcalis jelly should not be taken along with anything that contains nitrate, cimetidine,warfarin, tipranavir, mprenavir, darunavir, nevirapine and efavirenz as it may reactions with each other and cause major side effects.
  4. One should not operate any kind of heavy machinery after the usage of this drug as one can experience dizziness.
  5. Fatty foods and alcohol have a negative effect on the results of the drug.
  6. Consuming nitrates along with the drug will fuel some serious side effects and should be strictly avoided.
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